Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Copenhagen, Demark: April 24th-26th

Weekend before last Tom, Ticknor, Slattery, London, Justin, Gradman, and I went to Copenhagen. Our flight was delayed coming out of Amsterdam, so we got in really late. Friday night we hit a bar called Barcelona, met up with some locals Klaus and Heidi, and rode bicycles until about 3am. There are bicycles everywhere in Copenhagen.

Saturday, Washington, Ticknor, London, Gradman, and I toured the city. Throughout the day we acquired bicycles to make getting around more easy. We mainly hit up the Inner City and checked out the Palace, the Round Tower, some parks, some old Navy Barracks, churches, and the famous Little Mermaid statue inspired by the book. We had lunch in the Nyhavn district along the River. I had a chicken club, fries, and a beer for $40... Denmark is expensive!

Saturday night we went to an ice bar where they gave us special coats and gloves to wear. We stayed for about two drinks: 1) because it was literally freezing, and 2) drinks were $18 a piece. We decided to go to a club after the Ice Bar. Unfortunately for me, Gradman put me in a full nelson, then tripped and fell on top of me. It popped my neck and back pretty badly, so I called it a night and went to bed with a headache.

Sunday, Slattery and I went to Christiania (aka Freetown). Where in the 70s Hippies took over a military barracks and started their own independent community. Now they sell drugs openly on the streets, market style and other hand crafted goods. No pictures are allowed in the city limits.